Raging Bull throws low blow

Bobby D, excuse me Mr. Robert DeNiro threw several low blows at President Donald Trump during the Tony Awards ceremony.   Mr. DeNiro went into a verbal and abusive tirade, using extreme profanity directed at the President.   As a presenter at the Tony Awards, shouldn’t his comments have been about the awards, and performances?  No punches were landed and the only thing DeNiro accomplished was to diminish the public’s perception of him, as an outstanding actor and a man of integrity and quality.  His legacy has been tarnished.  Ironically few if any  saw or heard his abusive outburst, as no one watches the Tony awards, anyway.   His words fell on deaf ears.  Even his long time associate and good friend Joe Pesci remarked,  “he’s lost his mind”.  Just another Hollywood elitist whining and crying because they don’t get their way.  Embarrassing to say the least.