Oh God! Climate change on the move.

Apparently,  Iran (aptly named) as there people “flee” from this disastrous county, has a minister of Defense, who claims that the jews and Israel – are you ready for this one, Control the weather!  That’s correct.  They are moving the clouds so as to keep Iran drought laden, while the mountains nearby are covered with snow.

Are these imbeciles for real?  Additionally, a Democratic party member agrees with this assertion.  Incredible!  Can you say the new Delusional?

Here is my only question.  If this were/is true., then why in God’s name would your nation mess with Israel and the Jews?  If they have such a direct line/connection with the almighty one, what are they thinking?

Couldn’t they just ask his holy eminence of spiritual thought to rain all hell on their pathetic little heads?

I suppose this gives “new” meaning to the phrase, Jews are the chosen ones”.  These are the chosen ones to run our nations, ridiculous.