Hilda-beast, Still at it, but why?

Word on the street, Hillary Clinton is plotting and organizing a run for office (yet again) in 2020.  I hope she does, really, I do.  What a lame-brain this Chardonnay swilling, sycophant has become.  I guess she has no idea what 20/20 vision or hindsight is.   She’a a Loser!  America’s Biggest Loser!   No one wants you!  You’re a vile, disgusting, lying, deceitful, dishonest pile of human excrement.  Her flip-flopping viewpoints flow like the sewage from a broken mainline of a cesspool.

Give it up, please!  Have some dignity. (Of course, she has none).  Even your party does not want you.  Go to orgy island, see Bill and have some fun.

A glutton for punishment. Perhaps, if she were “gluten free”– she wouldn’t be so bloated.