4 Seasons for all

More rhetoric and hype on climate science by “Gubment” fools and paid officials.  The global warming scheme that these scientific superstars profusely complain about is doing nothing but harming the very people who need fossil fuels in the first place, the underdeveloped and poor country’s.  These so called brilliant minds are doing their best to impose their will on the world – which includes drastic limits on carbon emissions, curtailing the usage fossil fuels, etc.  These cheap fuels and their availability will be a boon to local economies and struggling  nations alike.   May I be frank with you, (even though I am not) , this is immoral.  

Theses climate primates are denying at least a billion people of color in  Asia, Africa, South America – of coal, natural gas, and other carbon-based energy.  These sources of energy are precisely what pulled this nation out of dire poverty, yet they are working to forbid others the very same opportunity.  Talk about keeping people in chains, (you go Joe Biden) in the 21st Century.

Do you think a racial component exists in this equation?  I do.  People of color are basically being told, they’re not allowed the same standard of living that the predominantly white Western world has enjoyed since the Industrial Revolution.   Hmm, is that not a racial component?  The vast majority of these people are liberal democrats who are fundamentally practicing “racism”, which make sense, as they are the party of racism.