S–t Happens!

Well it is official!  San Francisco is officially the new “S–thole”of the USA!  Don’t believe me, fe-ce for yourself.  They have actually hired a Poop Patrol to remove the feces and human excrement from the streets.  The proclivity with which these fine upstanding, or is it squatting citizens leave there mark on the city is at levels never seen or smelt before.  The city’s 311 service has received nearly 14,600 calls about piles of poop, other human waste and dog feces since the beginning of the year.  Do the math, that’s 65 calls a day.  A shitty situation to say the least and I just did.

What used to be called “city by the sea,” can now honestly be called “feces by the sea.”  They’ve earned and deserve it.

Another well run democratic city, that spends 275 million dollars on homeless outreach programs annually, ($750,000 a day), will now spend additional $750,000 on poop patrol. ($2000 dollars a day)  Just absorb that number.

I guess it pays to be homeless in the Feces by the Sea, $36,000 annually.  Holy Sh-t!!  They are going to need a Popeils Super Duper Pooper Scooper to clean up this mess.

Actually, here’s a much simpler idea.  Elect politicians who really give a s–t about the city and the mess gets cleaned up quickly and efficiently.  Of course that won’t happen anytime soon.  So perhaps we should offer up ‘Pampers on the run” or Huggie’s Pull-ups for these squatters who can’t seem to control themselves.  I suppose it all Depends on your perspective of the situation.

What a fine mess Pelosi and company have made, no pun intended.  A crappy situation for the residents that needn’t have happened.  A beautiful city, with a once grand reputation, has completely been crapped on.  Paris of the west coast!