As the World Turns – or is it spinning out of Control?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Turn Left for Stupidity, Ignorance and Control

Let’s see, 100 plus years of failed societal structures (socialism) that have mandated the peoples behavior, is not enough for todays political leftist elites to change course.

The Far-Left mantra and the manner in which they operate, divide and conquer — classify the people within society and then pit them against one another, for votes and power. The only thing missing in todays society, a newer version of a Kurt Vonnnegut, Jr. novel. How very utopian of them. Perhaps in there Orwellian mind, this is the way to happiness. I say it’s delusional.

I harken back to the days of yesteryear and almost expect to see Walter “Radar” O’Reilly from the TV series, M.A.S.H. to start predicting the next move before it happens, (hence the nickname Radar). Have these people gone insane? I think many of them actually have. Waiting for the next shoe to drop. And now it has.

The city of Seattle has implemented a new police policy, that states, “suspects” of crimes can no longer be referred to as suspects. What?? It is considered demeaning and disrespectful. They are to be called “community members.” OK— enough is enough!

If one is a suspect because of the potential affiliation/involvement to a crime, is that really a member of the community? And what community does this individual belong?They belong to the criminal community. It gets worse.

Additionally, convicted suspects, which are actually now criminals, are no longer to be referred to as inmates while in jail or penitentiary. They are to be called, students.” WTF? They are students of crime!!

So I have to ask, what is the leader of a gang expected to be called, a “community organizer?” Well this nation has already had one of them and we can clearly see how successful that turned out.

The brainwashing of Maoism mind control, telling the people enough lies, that eventually, they believe the lies as truth. Assisted by the media and press corp and voila’,  you have a controlled society by the government, ruling in an authoritarian manner dictating to the people, what, how, when and why they exist. Thus, providing to them the level of enjoyment there lives will experience, because the government knows best.

And here all along I thought they were the party of freedom, liberty, opportunity and all inclusiveness.  How truly ignorant of me. Oh, my mistake.  I shall not make that mistake again.

Please note when I wrote this passage and ask yourself, What has changed?