Bombs Away! hahahaha!

Well, it appears Michael (HR Puff n Stuff) Moore has fallen flat on its face, again.  One might say the people have spoken and are dropping an Obama on this movie making Bozo!  Fahrenheit 11/9 appears to be in need of some resuscitation.  Perhaps he should call 911 and request someone who knows how to (blow – life), like Stormy Daniels.  Oops, wrong kind.  Well, she would at least be able to provide the HR Puff n Stuff with a happy ending.  (The price tag would be steep, though).  No worries for Big Mike, he owns 8 homes.  He could always get an equity line for cash.  No doubt Ms. Daniels would much prefer cash to credit-card.  Although, I wonder if she takes  “Square?”.  With her history and background,  she’s got to enjoy a good could swipe, or is that a wipe?  Hmm??  Probably both.

And from the looks of Mike, he loves finger licking good food.  Uh-Oh!  So sorry, wrong fast-food company reference.  The “Colonel” would not be pleased.

I know what’s next, it’s Trump’s fault!  And the American people are racists.  What else could it be?

A steady diet of garbage from another Democratic dip-shit who actually believes Socialism is good policy.  That’s only because he has money, now.