Whoopi stole my Whoopie

Well known and acclaimed actor, Neil Patrick Harris, recently guested on the “The View,” and spoke of how he was “sexually assaulted by Whoopi Goldberg when they worked together on a movie many years ago.  Patrick Harris was but 15 years old when these sexual advances transpired.

Of course, Whoopi glossed over the information (not in denial) that it happened, but stating., “the world was different back then and times are different today.”   In doing so, Whoopi has fundamentally dismissed the entire #Metoo movement.  She has also given less credibility to the entire Justice Kavanaugh mess based on salacious allegations of completely unproven information.

It is no secret that Harris is a gay man.  Good for him.  Does anybody really care?  I do not.   He is a likable and talented actor with many years of outstanding work to his credit.  His choice to be gay is his choice.  I wonder though, did Whoopi steal his “whoopie?  Did these sexual advances etc, truly frighten this then impressionable young boy?  How does he view women today?  Clearly not with the same lens as he was born, one would think.  So much for the phrase, “Once you go black, you never go back.”

Why didn’t Megan McCain and others on the show chastize Whoopi for her behavior?  Why hasn’t the media come out in support of this information?  It has been admitted to and corroborated by the assailant., unlike any of the garbage in the Kavanaugh fiasco.

Makes you wonder what the agenda really is, doesn’t it?

I applaud Harris for speaking out and confronting Whoopi.  Too bad the rest in his industry are too cowardly and the media too complicit in its coverup.