Boots are made for Walking, aren’t they?

So the media is on their high horse chastising Melania, (yet again) for her attire on the surprise trip to Afghanistan. Is anyone shocked? Not me. They bitch and complain that she wore American made Timberland boots, in that region on the marine base she was visiting with President Trump. Let me understand this. An American made company that has been providing boots etc., for nearly 90 years, that most can afford and she gets eviscerated by the media. On the other hand, Michelle Obama wears a pair of boots that cost nearly $4000 to a book signing, that no one in their “right” mind would ever wear and gets applauded. Hmmm., can you say, “I hate anything Trump.” The media just did–again. Mrs. Obama looked like a Pennsylvania prostitute, a Washington DC., whore or Madison Ave. Madam in those boots. Not to mention, the fact that she looked like an giant over-sized spaghetti squash in that yellow outfit. Her fashion stylist should get into another line of work.

At least Melania preaches what she and the President speak–MAGA and made in America. Can you say that about Mrs. Obama? No, you cannot? Her boots were made by some Italian (I think) designer, whose name no one can pronounce. How lovely. How elitist! The real interesting part, no one talked about her “book signing” just the boots! Classic Democratic muse, dissuade and deflect. That’s because the book is schlock. And like Hildabeasts written fiasco’s – no one gives a sh-t! Garbage straight from the cesspool. Look at me how important I am.