Congress 2019

Well, the Democrats have taken over the House in Congress.  Is it any wonder given the pathetic and barely palpable pulse of the GOP.  Nope!

Here’s a rundown of who we get–all I can say is oy-vay!

Richard Neal-Ways and Means committee-  which way did you mean?  He will try to take away tax refunds etc.,  Hold on to your money – honey.

Eliot Engel – Foreign Afffairs–isn’t it bad enough that Obama was “foreign” to this department, now this stooge!

Mad-Maxine Waters – Financial Services – completely insane and laughable, the queen of stealing from banks for her own family and nefarious deeds is now in charge of them.  Who are we kidding?

Jerrold Nadler – Judiciary  –this monkey wants to investigate Trump’s behavior when he was a private citizen–I guess the actions and behaviors of the FBI, CIA, Treasury, IRS, Dept of Justice aren’t of greater concern.

Adam Schiff – Intelligence –the best yet.  They should give this buffoon his own department, of Un-intelligence.  A complete moron.

Elijah Cummings – Oversight.  I just pissed myself on this one.  He hails from Maryland whose, capital Baltimore is in such disarray and disaster, yet this man is going to be in charge of investigations.  I can not make this stuff up.

Just a few of the clowns in the circus now.  2019 looks like its going to be a firestorm for media hype and hyperbole.  I can’t wait to hear the brilliance from The View, et al.  Have the whiskey nearby– we’re going to need it.