Life and Death?

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has signed a bill in to law that makes abortion legal, at any and all stages pregnancy, yet he wants to abolish the “death penalty.”  Does this make any sense?  Is there any level of common sense, sound logic or reasoning to this hypocrisy of his policies?  How does somebody say that providing an abortion to a woman who is one day away from giving birth, bearing that child, is not a murderous act?  However, he is willing to forgo the death penalty for somebody who was murdered an innocent person.

Additionally, if the unborn child if killed during a crime of rape, assault etc., the criminal is not and will not be subject to any additional charges.  Insanity!

While I do not wish upon anyone, (even someone in his family), to be victimized in such a violent and heinous manner,  I believe it will take such an act of violence against his family member to see the light.  I can make this statement about virtually every politician who has these same views.

When it hits home, then the  rules will change, but not until then.