Not so “Krafty”

Well, it appears that New England Patriots owner, Bob Kraft has been arrested for solicitation of prostitutes in a massage parlor.  I am trying to wrap my head around this one, no pun intended.

A man worth $6 billion dollars, soliciting prostitution behavior in a place that charges $59-$79 for a massage.   Is this for real?   This man is an in idiot!   It would appear the old adage,  “man can only think with one head at a time is accurate.”   I think he’s had an embolism and his head exploded!  Although,  I’m not sure which one.  He couldn’t hop into his private jet, fly around for a few hours while he gets his johnson serviced?   Really?  How about spending a few hundred dollars in bringing a masseuse  to his home.  I can’t wait to see what the far left liberal media says about this behavioral stunt of stupidity.

I bet they do not ask for reparations of the white man and promote a Loretta Lynch-mob mentality.

Hell, he shouuild have just called upon Kamala Harris.  She’s an old pro at this stuff!  Incredible!