Why I loved the Oscars

Why I loved the Oscars, becuase I didn’t have to sit and watch this dribble of self aggrandizing garbage!

Isn’t it interesting the Oscars, the red carpet, for all the  “all inclusive” men are women or women are men– who knows anymore!  There’s no gender, we’re all the same.   We’re all in this together.   How come they still have best actor/actress categories?   Why not just have a category  for “thespian?”  And the Thespian is?  How much more hypocrisy can a group of self-aggrandizing cry-babies provide?

Spike Lee runs out on the show becuse his movie didn’t win “Best Picture.” Wah!  Wah!

Look at these unimportant people.  Really, look at them!  There behavior is deplorable.  They say to the world,  “Look at us we’re important,” and you’re not.   We’re beautiful and you’re not!   We’re smart and you’re not!   You’re racist and were not!   Better to protect our own and hide our child molesters, rapists, sexual abusers and assaulters.  We sweep that under the rug. (you know that red one)

We can make money doing so and than voila!  #Metoo movement.   Incredible and incredulous at the same time.

Like garbage flowing from a broken mainline of a cesspool, these elitist, attitude imbeciles will never ever get it.  They simply will not ever get it.  They should award themselves the “Fools on the Hill” Award, much like our Congressional leaders.  They simply do not get it.

We the People, just do not care!