Capitalizing on Stupidity-Hers!

According to AOC– aka: Alexandria “Occassional Cortex”

Capitalism is an ideology of capital –- the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit,”  And that comes at any cost to people and to the environment, she said, “so to me capitalism is irredeemable.”—  Hmmm…???

Of course capitalism is irredeemable to Cortez, she’s never gained the benefits of capitalism — because she has never had a real job—which allows one to redeem the money you have earned while working in the first place.   She’s a bloodsucking leech.  She is collectively earning money now while not having a real job —sucking the nipple dry of the big boob, off taxpayer funds — as she spews this garbage and the virtues of socialism versus capitalism.

Frightening, simply frightneing.  She is a modern day female version of Bernie Sanders.