Epsteins Bar-red

Sex trafficer and serial sex assaulter has been found dead in his jail cell in Manhattan of apparent suicide. This, after having been on suicide watch for a previous attempt (2) weeks ago.

How does this happen?  Hmmm???  The plot thickens.  Can you say Clintonista?  It will be interesting to see if any charges (of others) in connection with Epstein will be brought forward based on the treasure trove of information recently found.

Or is this dead and buried as he will be?  Will the MSM create a new “russian collusion”conspiracy and say the Conservatives, GOP etc, are behind it?  Nothing will surprise me anymore.

He vast holdings should be given to the many victims.  His family has plenty of money.

In the end, he got what he likely deserved, sadly, true justice is likely not to be served at all.