Ricky- don’t lose their number.

Ricky Gervais just completed hosting the Golden Globe Awards (5th time) and opened with a scathing rebuke of the hypocritical Hollywood elite (cry-babies).  It was brilliant!  The media of course, already crying and complaining, as usual.  The facial expressions of the thespians and lesbians and all other “ians” was a Mastercard moment — Priceless!  If we could turn back time. Not intended to reference Cher.  I hate that bloody song.

So Ricky, don’t worry if they lose your number — you do not need those buffoons.  They clearly showed they have little or no humor LEFT in their bones. There hypocrisy screams louder than a politicians lies.

We deplorable’s – applaud you, and wish we a had a coupon, (maybe on Groupon) to be redeemable for future use.  I guess we’ll just have to hire you again.   Busy next year?  LMAO!  Well done lad.

Thank you for keeping it real, for a change.