Lil’ Lemon feeling squeezed-yet again.

Don Lemon, of CCN fame –(LMAO), is on assault yet again, of the 1st Amendment.  Crying and complaining about President Trumps tweets.   Asking Twitter to remove his tweets.  Waaaah!!

Once again this overly sensitive, crybaby of the corrupt new network feelings are “butt” hurt regarding POTUS’ twitter tweets.  Of course, it’s butt hurt–hello!!  This “Lil Lemon of a man needs to get out of his Garanimals and start wearing bigboy pants. (Not Bobs Bigboy) He would be embarrassed.  I guess because he’s black, gay and LBGT-QIA that way-he feels entitled to special treatment.  Butt of course, he is special you know.

His idealogical beliefs and special behavior does not however, provide him the right to demand that the Constitution be trampled.  Just because he has a vehicle and uses it in a profound and disingenuous manner, to promote and propagate false narratives, intel etc, does not provide him a license to curtail ones are speech.  However., I say, have at it.

You can ask– but you’re not going to get it.  Even though we all know Twitter is specious at best in how fair and honest they are about in their representation of tweets.  I have been systematically removed–They didn’t like my speech and or my honesty. Boo-Hoo!

A Badge of honor, I suppose.  

I am not asking nor would I ever attempt to shut (yours) or his free speech down.  The more he cries and complain like a sniveling whiny lil boy, the better it is for me.  I simply say “Free Speech.”

Thank you Lil Lemon.  You’re constantly providing me fodder and material, along with many in the MSM world of fractured fairytales.  Perhaps, we should start calling you Lulu-Lemon.

If the heels fit–slip into it.  Perhaps you can get an assist and guidance from Bruce Jenner.  He’s a pro, now.