Capitol Creeps – hurt “US” all

What took place Wednesday was a disgrace and a debacle. But it was not, as some have wildly contended, comparable to 9/11 or to the British burning of the Capitol in 1814 during the War of 1812. That is malicious hyperbole, establishment propaganda.

Disgraceful behavior by a small sampling of the people in attendance. Truly not representative of the whole of Trump supporters. Sadly, the MSM, political class etc, will not frame it that way.

Additionally, while Trump’s words prior to this event were “clumsy,” they were not incendiary to this behavior. This has been boiling and brewing for years. Obama fanned the flames of divisiveness on numerous occasions during his presidency. Michael Brown, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”., Travon Martin, just to name a couple.

Joe Biden stating yesterday that “Trump is responsible for this behavior” – is incendiary and divisive. He’s just too stupid to recognize it. So much for unity and healing as he has stated. Nancy Pelosi tearing up the SOTU speech on national television, Jerry Nadler stating the riots nationwide were a “myth,” these are remarks and behavior that fueled the angst and anger the American people are feeling, (have been for years). The betrayal of their government to represent has now exploded.

This will not get better unless all parties involved seek to unify a message of togetherness. The political divide, racial animus, cultural separation and religious intolerance, are who we are today, sadly so. Let’s pray that adults in the room will start to act accordingly.

Accountability for one’s own actions must be upheld. Eric Swalwell anyone? How come he’s still on the intelligence committee?

We are responsible for our own behavior. “Act as if,” someone’s always watching. Most notably, the big man upstairs.

I pray and wish for a better 2021. It is sorely needed.

My Best to you all.