This place in History

If only this small piece of history would repeat itself. We need to spend more time, effort and energy in a positive direction – educating our youth of all races, colors, religions and backgrounds. We need to stop segregating and demanding reparations and payments etc. — It’s simply nonsense, it’s divisive.  For any and all people of any underclass, we are much more melded society today than we’ve ever been– we have more people of racial harmony than we do have disparity.  We have more black and brown and white and brown and black and white living together, so when you segregate one–you segregate the other and that’s “blatant discrimination.”  How do you tell the daughter or son of a black mother and white father, that he’s not black enough?  —  It’s insanity and it needs to stop!  That is more hurtful, divisive to their up bringing and their future (success) than anything that I can think of, truly sad.